Vermiculture & Waste Management

  • Vermiculture & Waste Management

Save the fertility of the soil and reap long term benefits from our specialised services and recycling technology.

One of the greatest threats that we face today is the fast deterioration of soil quality and the environment around us in general. This arises due to the proliferating and callous use of synthetic fertilizers which aren’t just harmful to the soil but to the nature as a whole. These fertilizers rob the soil of all natural minerals and eventually kill its fertility. One of the major threats challenging the world today is deterioration of the environment. At Cinderella Cleaners we have been attempting to reverse this process of mass deterioration by using the method of Vermiculture. This method involves the conversion of organic waste into high-quality compost with the help of earthworms and other microorganisms. It is otherwise known as vermicomposting.
With millions of tons of organic waste being generated every year, vermicomposting is a safe way to convert these wastes into useful nutrients that can enhance the fertility of the soil. In fact, this biotechnological process, besides dealing with the problem of safe disposal of waste also provide with essential resources for sustainable productivity. It is a low-cost farming method that helps in increased yield while not affecting the quality of the produce.