Our Services

We understand the finer aspects of keeping one's premises clean and bearing that in mind we provide you customized and specialized cleaning solutions.

  • Garden Development Landscaping & Maintenance

Preserving the beauty of your natural surroundings

Creating and maintaining landscapes and gardens can be challenging without the right tools and expertise. It requires specialised knowledge and environmental awareness starting from studying the soil patterns, identifying suitable plantations, designing spaces and planting the right kind of plants for the right kind of environs and then planning the tools and methods for maintaining sophisticated gardens.

Do you have an empty area to be developed? Do you have an existing garden that needs some tender loving & care? Or do you wish to completely overhaul your existing garden? At Cinderella Cleaners we have solutions for all of the above.

Our Core Strengths are

  • Landscaping based on your design and maintenance
  • Maintenance of existing garden
  • Excavation, site clearing & Concreting
  • Supply and installation of water tanks

  • Housekeeping

Maintaining hygiene spaces for a life of work and play

Cleaning is a necessity for both people and organisations to ensure a healthy, clean and effective environment. We have a team of skilled housekeeping professionals who ensure that the customer receives only the best quality services that are detailed, consistent and satisfactory. We manage residential properties, commercial establishments including gymnasiums and equipment cleaning. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs precisely and provide them with absolutely professional solutions that are cost-effective, transparent and customised to ensure that we are up to date on their ever-changing needs.

Cleaning is a necessity for both people and organisations to ensure a healthy, clean and effective environment.
Our Key Services:

  • Vertical Surface cleaning
  • Electrical equipment & fixtures cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Upholstery Shampooing
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Scrubbing & Polishing of floor

In addition to housekeeping, we are also adept in waste management. Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to everyone, be it our homes or our offices. Our expert team can assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for you right from garbage collection, treatment, segregation, transportation, and disposal.

  • Vermiculture & Waste Management

Bringing fertility back into the soil of growth

One of the greatest threats that we face today is the fast deterioration of soil quality and the environment around us in general. This arises due to the proliferating and callous use of synthetic fertilizers which aren’t just harmful to the soil but to the nature as a whole. These fertilizers rob the soil of all natural minerals and eventually kill its fertility. One of the major threats challenging the world today is deterioration of the environment. At Cinderella Cleaners we have been attempting to reverse this process of mass deterioration by using the method of Vermiculture. This method involves the conversion of organic waste into high-quality compost with the help of earthworms and other microorganisms. It is otherwise known as vermicomposting.
With millions of tons of organic waste being generated every year, vermicomposting is a safe way to convert these wastes into useful nutrients that can enhance the fertility of the soil. In fact, this biotechnological process, besides dealing with the problem of safe disposal of waste also provide with essential resources for sustainable productivity. It is a low-cost farming method that helps in increased yield while not affecting the quality of the produce.

  • Swimming Pool & Water Filteration Plant Operation

Scientific methods and sophisticated machinery for systematic maintenance

We have extensive expertise within the swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool filtration, refurbishment and water treatment plant segments. Our services are of high quality, value and completely reliable. We offer flexible solutions for your swimming pool needs right from swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool refurbishment and swimming pool water treatment plant equipment and round-the-clock service access. We also extend general & annual maintenance contracts to operate and maintain all kinds of swimming pools, Jacuzzi streams, and pool equipment.

  • Water Filtration, Sewerage Treatment Plant & Recycle Plant Operation

Process driven industrial maintenance for plant operations

We provide you with the best services when it comes to Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Water Filtration Plant and Waste Water Recycling Plants,

Cinderella Cleaners also offers maintenance of equipment like water pumps and water tank cleaning.
While we are well equipped to undertake and conduct house repair works, carpentry, interior designing, wall repairs, floor work, kitchen trolley work we are also quite adept at water filtration works, sewerage treatment plants and recycle plants.

  • General Maintenance

One stop solutions shop for multiple maintenance needs

Contacting different vendors for different services is a pain. For works that require coordination between different teams and skills, it would be great to have a single point of contact to get things done. But rarely do you find such an option.

Cinderella proves a one stop maintenance shop for all your diverse needs. All engineering works such as electrical, civil, mechanical, instrumentation, digital etc. are provided under one roof, so you can just call a single number and access all services.

Whether it is lift maintenance, motor repairs, fabrication, plumbing, carpentry, masons etc. our teams supply you with the people and the tools to complete the job.