Maintenance Checklists


  • Building interior common areas--check for damage, make repairs
  • Building exterior--check for damage, make repairs
  • Units--check for damage, cleanliness, make repairs

Building Exterior

  • Siding--wash if needed, monitor condition of paint, spot re-paint as needed
  • Windows--wash, re-caulk if needed
  • Doors--wash, check weather stripping, re-paint as needed
  • Signage--inspect, clean, repair as needed
  • Lighting--clean fixtures, change lamps as needed
  • Roof--clear debris off flat areas and from drains/scuppers, monitor condition for cracking, water pooling, leaks, loose flashing
  • Roof--remove moss off sloped areas, clear debris from gutters/downspouts 
  • Decks and stairs--wash
  • Foundation--monitor for cracking, check vent covers, confirm no pests

Building Interior

  • Hallways & stairs--vacuum carpet, mop linoleum and stained concrete 
  • Floors--professionally clean common area carpet
  • Walls--wash off hand prints and dirt in high traffic areas
  • Laundry--wipe down all surfaces, empty trash, mop floor, clean behind machines, check lint traps and clean as needed
  • Laundry--professionally clean dryer vents
  • Trash/Recycling Room--clean, mop floor, wash out containers
  • Lighting--clean fixtures, replace lamps as needed
  • Unit Appliances--clean interior and exterior, vacuum under and behind


  • Mechanical--professional service contract for optimal operation and life
  • Clean elevator cab and doors

Fire Protection

  • Sprinklers, Alarms, Fire Extinquishers, Backflow--professionally service
  • Smoke detectors--test all units and common areas, replace as needed

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

  • Hydronic Heating System--see separate binder for maintenance and care
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator--see separate binder for maintenance and care
  • Whole house ventilation--professionally service roof fans
  • Unit bathroom fans--inspect, vacuum, clean covers
  • Air filters--clean and/or replace as needed


  • Toilets--check for leaks, running water
  • Faucets and shut-offs--check for leaks, drips
  • Boilers/hot water tanks--see separate binder for maintenance and care
  • Pumps--sump pump in basement, confirm operational

General Landscaping works

  • Walk property--pick up trash, see landscape maintenance
  • Mow lawn with mulching lawnmower; edge lawn
  • Aerate lawn/oversee/top dress with compost
  • Mulch all landscape beds--landscape maintenance
  • Shrubs and Trees--remove broken, dead, deformed, deranged branches
  • Weed--remove weeds as you see them, never let weeds go to seed
  • Pest and disease control--monitor and follow Integrated Pest Management and Natural Gardening principals. Do not use products harmful to environment or beneficial critters
  • Watering/Irrigation--soak deeply, let dry out before watering again, see fact sheet
  • Irrigation spring startup/ fall shut-down--blow out lines and secure for winter
  • Walks, Paving, Curbs--monitor condition, clean and repair as needed
  • Parking Lot--monitor condition, clean and reseal as needed
  • Fence--monitor condition, clean and repaint as needed