List of Industries we are working

Housing Societies

We partner with housing societies to keep them clean and secure. Whether it is electrical, civil or mechanical repairs or fixes, we promptly respond to any calls with our timely services.


We work with builders with our unique services, so they can focus on their core work of design and construction. 


Our diverse services are accessed by corporates for all seasons and reasons. From basic housekeeping to complex sanitation projects, we offer our expert resources.

Shopping Malls

High traffic zones need continuous support and emergency preparation for managing daily disruptions. Our efficient services are always available on time, every time.

Events & Conventions

Reputation and brand image are at stake when conducting large gatherings and sophisticated events. We are committed to the successful execution and smooth operations of all events and conventions.

Public Venues

Large environments need controlled and structured. Organisation to prevent chaos and confusion in times of public disruption. We provide the plan, design and operational capabilities to launch complex programs with safety and security.