EcoSystem Partners

  • Legal Services

Access timely legal guidance and experience hassle free projects

Getting legal consulting need not be a roadblock anymore. We guide you with trusted professionalism and accessible legal advice for all your daily business and professional needs. Our services are designed to be friendly and approachable. We make sure that you don’t have to overpay or be taken advantage of. Our expanding team of professionals cater to a variety of personal and professional challenges that give peace of mind.

We specialise in property laws and work with precision in Conveyance, Deemed Conveyance of Co-operative Housing Societies, Formation / Registration.

  • Civil Work

Fix up things with immediate help from our civil expertise just a call away.

Repairs can bring your daily routine to a halt. Renovations can cost you a bomb. All this can change with our trusted partnership. Just a call to us and we have you covered. Whether it is a simple repair or a complex renovation, we have the resources to handle your every civil works need.

We ensure that materials are branded and tested through our industry-wide partnerships. Our team of skilled workers and engineering supervisors are always available on call. We maintain a database of qualified resources and benchmarks to ensure all our customers are satisfied with our services.

We have an experienced team to conduct repair and renovation of housing complexes, floor work, false ceiling.

  • Pest Control

Protect yourself and your communities with regular pest control

Pests can make life difficult with the risk of disease or depression. Daily remedies can be costly and pests return easily. To eliminate the constant menace, you need to ensure that the solution is permanent and long term. That involves analysing the surroundings, identifying the sources of pests and eliminating them forever.

We also provide the knowledge, equipment and supplies for you to handle minor problems yourself.

We provide end-to-end pest control solutions and provide preventive measures, for residential, commercial establishments, factories, hospitals, construction areas, multiplexes etc.

  • Electrical Work

Never be powerless with our expert electrical resources for home and offices

Power industry has undergone a lot of changes and advancements. Getting expert electricians and engineers can be challenging and costly. Not any more. From our single source of trusted database of skilled resources, we supply you verified engineers and validated services. You don't have to run about for the right person or the right brand and face delays. Just punch in your repair or requirement or just call, and we will have them delivered to you.

We conduct installation and general electric maintenance of all kinds of machines, equipment, motor repairs, rewiring and a wide range.

  • Interior & Exterior designer

Design your life with style, comfort and efficiency

Scouting for different items in different shops is a thing of the past. You just select your list of items and you can get it delivered to you on time. Our solutions are graceful, sophisticated yet stays within budget because we survey the markets to get you the best. Our partnerships with multiple specialised designers and architects make sure that your designs come to life as per your requirements and dreams.

We provide cost effective consultation in interior and exterior designs, home furniture designing, Kitchen Trolleys etc.

  • Accounting System

Make accounting easy and automate housing maintenance

Housing societies and organised communities can maintain transparency and efficiency by automating their group accounting initiatives.

Simple to use accounting systems and apps can help you manage the clutter of your accounts daily, weekly or monthly. Our accounting packages save you from undue pressures of maintaining your books manually. Whether it is a simple housing society or a complex community, you have the advantage of going digital with all your daily routine activities.