About US

Service Capabilities

We employ innovative methods combined with technical gadgets and robust hardware to speedup industrial projects, business works and home repairs. We apply specialised knowledge, creative techniques and optimised systems so costs stay within limits and work gets done within time.

Who we are

We built our expertise by combining professionals from various industries, working closely with various businesses, and grooming talent across disciplines. We are process aware and quality conscious and focus of giving our best when faced with tough assignments.

Our Team

We make sure that we are equipped with the best people well trained on the latest techniques to solve the most complex and sophisticated problems of today’s world.

Our Equipment

We invest uncompromisingly on the latest technologies and modern gadgets that we think can reduce lots of time consuming manual labour.

Cinderella Facility Management Solutions

At Cinderella Cleaners LLP, we ensure that you have a safe, clean, hygienic, and productive environment. We completely understand Facility Management needs and are adept at providing cleaning services to both residential complexes and commercial establishments. We thrive for consistent improvement and embrace the latest technology while also ensuring that our team is empowered with the requisite knowledge and skills.