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Cleanliness and hygiene are critical factors for the success of any business, home and life in general. A sanitised environment always attracts positive energy and maintains healthy vibrations all around resulting in productivity, creativity and harmony in daily life.

Every individual and institution strives to maintain such an environment, but face challenges due to lack of resources, information and timely help. Whether at home or office, there are breakdowns, shutdowns, and disruptions due to want of specialised services and timely resolutions.

Cinderella was conceived and operationalised with a mission to solve daily life and work interruptions and prevent loss of business and preserve peace of mind. We empower you with the latest technology, modern tools, expert resources, and specialised people to support you with timely solutions, efficient services and affordable care.

We aim to become the preferred facility management services provider by delivering excellent, timely, effective, reliable, valuable services by maintaining high levels of ethics, integrity and professional standards.

We strive to provide high quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable services by setting a standard of unmatched excellence, consistently.

Our Services

Garden Landscaping & Maintenance

Preserve the beauty of nature around you and enjoy a healthful living with our gardening and landscaping services. Creating and...


Access new and innovative methods, modern and sophisticated machinery and trained resources for your housekeeping challenges.Cleaning is a necessity for...

Vermiculture & Waste Management

Save the fertility of the soil and reap long term benefits from our specialised services and recycling technology. One of...

Swimming Pool & Water Filtration Plant Operation

Access mechanised and natural treatment resources to ensure cleaning jobs are completed efficiently and without health hazards. We have extensive...

Water Filtration, Sewerage Treatment & Recycle Plant Operation

Best services when it comes to Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment & recycle.We provide you with...

General Maintenance

One stop solutions shop for multiple maintenance needs Contacting different vendors for different services is a pain. For works that...

Cinderella Cleaners LLP




EcoSystem Partners

Legal Services

We specialise in property laws and work with in Conveyance, Deemed Conveyance of Co-operative Housing Societies, Formation / Registration services...

Civil Work

We have the experience and an experienced team to conduct repair and renovation of housing complexes, floor work, false ceiling....

Pest Control

We provide end-to-end pest control solutions and provide preventive measures, for residential, commercial establishments, factories, hospitals, construction areas, multiplexes etc....

Electrical Work

We conduct installation and general electric maintenance of all kinds of machines, equipment, motor repairs, rewiring. Never be powerless with...

Interior & Exterior designer

We provide cost effective consultation in interior and exterior designs, home furniture designing, Kitchen Trolleys etc. Our team of is...

Accounting System

Make accounting easy and automate housing maintenance Housing societies and organised communities can maintain transparency and efficiency by automating their...

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